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An Authoritative Legal Library

The most persuasive lawyer is the one that can direct his mind to the most recent, relevant and current Legal statutes and precedents from trusted sources globally. Mylawyer.ng gives you access to these sources, locally and globally just by signing up.


Today we stand on the shoulder of Giants. Mylawyer.ng gives lawyers the freedom to work with mentors of their choosing, despite the location


mylawyer.ng gives you the freedom to work conveniently from any location. All lawyers on this platform can work with convenience, whether it is in increasing their client base, getting access to colleagues, or researching materials to execute legal assignments. Here you can have your practice on the 'go' and in real time.

A professional/social profile

You are first a person, but being a lawyer makes you a “business person”. Mylawyer.ng merges your professional and social life together, so that while you constantly update your professional profile, your colleagues and “Potential Clients”, would appreciate the hard work you put in to build your reputation.

  • “With MyLawyer, I built my expertise in Agricultural law and got clients who need my services from across Nigeria.”
    — Goodness Jim Odoi
  • “Though, I am based in Lagos, I get to provide legal services to cliets in Ebonyi, Ekiti, and Katsina, by ensuring I attend to legal issues on MyLawyer and building my ratings.”
    — Ugochukwu M. Enweremibe
  • “Through my lawyer, I was able to locate mentors who specialize in my area of practice and passion. This was something I never had.”
    — Akajagbor Avwerosuo, Warri
  • “I get resources on MyLawyer and contribute my opinion, which is helping me build a strong legal profile that attracts clients to me. I feel more confident practising law than ever.”
    — Timi Olagunju

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